We completed an exciting BMS project for an automation system that exemplifies our expertise in creating intelligent, efficient, and integrated building management solutions.

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Our recent BMS Project

Through meticulous design, seamless installation, and comprehensive testing, we delivered an intelligent solution that maximized efficiency, optimized resource utilization, and provided a superior level of control for our client.

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Project-basis Management

Experiences on BMS with successful project

The main contractors collaborate with us as a sub-contractor for BMS, leveraging our expertise in installation, integration, and testing to seamlessly incorporate efficient building management systems into their projects.

Initial Contact

The main contractor can reach out to us via phone or email to express their interest in hiring us as a sub-contractor.

Project Evaluation

We thoroughly evaluate the project details to assess our capabilities and determine if we are the right fit
for the job.

Agreement and Contract Negotiation

We enter into contract negotiations, terms, timeline, and deliverables to partners and contractors.

Our Project

BPT Production Plant Project

Pharmaceutical Factory Yangon

Cephalosporin Production Plant of BPI
  • Air cool chillers
  • Air Handling Unit
  • Makeup Air Unit
  • Dehumidifier
  • Clean room Positive
  • Pressure Control
  • RH and Temperature
  • Control and monitoring
  • Purging Exhaust Fan
Room Summary

Simplify monitoring with our engineering business’s solution, displaying all readings on a single, user-friendly page. By consolidating comprehensive data, engineers and operators can effortlessly track essential information, streamlining their workflow. Real-time insights at their fingertips enable informed decision-making and proactive responses, elevating overall operational efficiency.

Our System Features

Air Cool Chillers

CHWP VSD Control, bypass valve control, equipment failure recovery.

Zoom Monitoring

Monitor the temperature and RH, and control modulating damper by AHU zones

Floor Plan

Display all temperature and RH readings for each room, color zoning for differentiation.

Air Handling

Monitor supply and return temperature, relative humidity, heater control, valve control and start/stop.

Clean room Positive Pressure Control
RH and Temperature Control and monitoring
Purging Exhaust Fan